Friday, February 1, 2019

Rheumatoid Arthritis CBD Oil Testimonies, Reviews & Results

“My boys and I have been taking the 750mg CBD oil for 2 weeks now and this stuff is amazing!
Myself - I have RA, fibromyalgia, and anxiety. Since I’ve been taking the oil my pain level has decreased at least 80%! My anxiety level is down, I haven’t needed any Xanax at all! And I’ve been sleeping better at night and now I can get up around 7-8 in the morning which before I wasn’t able to get up till 11-12 no matter how hard I tried!
Brayden my 2yr old has sleep apnea pretty bad and since he’s been taking it he’s been sleeping a lot better and not snoring! I had scheduled him for surgery to remove his tonsils but I don’t think I’ll need to now!
Tristan my 4 yr old. Is autistic and the only thing he’ll eat is peanut butter sandwiches and Ramon noodles, and tortillas. Not much. Since he’s been taking the oil he’s been trying new things on his own!! He’s eating apples now!!! And with Oreos he would never eat the cookie part just the cream in the middle and he was actually eating the whole cookie! And the crust of bread he’s eating!!!! It’s amazing!!! Love it!!
Joshua (13yr old) he has juvenile Huntington’s disease and Tourette’s plus very bad ADHD. Since he’s been taking the oil the Tourette’s is way better, he blurts out maybe once a day if even that compared to ever 10 min. Literally! And with his ADHD he’s calmed down a lot! He’s still hyper but he’s able to control it!!
Matthew (14 yr old) has juvenile Huntington’s disease, stomach issues and pain in his back pretty bad. Since his been taking the oil he hasn’t had any stomach problems and his pain level is lowered. And his choria isn’t as bad.”
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Can Hempworx CBD oil help Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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