Monday, November 5, 2018

Can I try the Hempworx CBD oil before I buy it?

Order Hempworx CBD Sample Here 

The answer is yes. Hempworx now offers sample packs. 

The pack includes a 7-day supply of 500 mg CBD oil along with pouches of our pain relief cream and topical skincare. 

The cost is only $10 plus $2 shipping (includes $20 in product)! This is a new Hempworx feature, which I love. 

It gives people the option to try a small portion before ordering the whole bottle. 

Where to get Hempworx CBD oil Samples?

Get yours here if you have been wanting to try the Hempworx products included in the sample pack without having to go all in. Or check out my facebook page:

I want a Hempworx CBD Sample Packet, I want to try Hempworx, but only want a sample.

How to buy Hempworx Sample Pack

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