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What is the recommended dosage of Hempworx 500 CBD Oil

I have seen several charts on the recommended amount of Hempworx 500 CBD oil, but I am going to share my experience with Hempworx 500 and why I don't recommend starting out with a high dosage.

Let me start by saying this is my personal opinion. I started taking the Hempworx 500 several months ago. It was recommended to me by my sister in law. She told me to start off taking 5 drops morning and evening for one week.

How Much Hempworx CBD oil should I take?

After that week to take 10 drops morning and evening. The next week to do 15 drops 2x and then the last week take 20 drops morning and night. After that bring it back down to what works best.

So that is what I did. I have a large family and my husband and kids were also taking the Hempworx 500.

I did not give the kids as much as we were taking though. At that dosage we went through the bottles quickly and it is not cheap. I soon realized that the CBD oil was not working at all it was doing the opposite of what it was supposed to. 
Is CBD oil a scam? Does CBD oil really work? Hemworx Scam, MyDailyChoice Scam

The CBD Oil Scam

I started to think CBD oil was a scam. I felt worse instead of better taking the CBD oil.

I started wondering if I was the only one.

I hear all these great testimonies of how CBD oil helped with pain, arthritis, sleeping, anxiety, clearer thinking, ADHD, and the list goes on and on.

Why was it not working for me? You may have had the same questions yourself if you are like me.

I was actually kind of relieved to find out I was just taking to much. 

Why I cut back on Hempworx 500 CBD oil

After consulting with some others who take CBD oil, I realized I was taking way to much and started out taking way to much for me personally. My sister-in-law only told me what had been told to her.

I soon learned a better way to take it and to recommend to my friends and family was to take 2-3 drops morning and evening to start with. Every couple days bump it up and see what happens.

Take notice of how you feel.

Do you notice anything?

Are you feeling better or worse?

Do you need to take more or less?

Everyone is different and the CBD oil effects everyone differently. More is not always better. 
How to take Hempworx 500 CBD oil, How much Hempworx CBD oil should I take? Instructions for taking Hempworx 500 CBD Oil

Instructions on how to take Hempworx 500 CBD Oil

Now that I know better, because of my experience I tell everyone to start off with 2 drops in the morning and 2 in the evening.

Crazy part is, most people notice a definite difference with just the two drops 2x a day.

After doing the 2 drops 2x a day, if you don't notice anything bump it up a couple drops for few days.

Keep doing this until you feel the difference and feel it is the right amount for you.

Like I said above everyone is different and everyone notices different effects. 

Why I started my own CBD Oil business

Once I realized the right way to take it, I loved it. But what I loved even more is seeing and hearing how the CBD oil help others.

If I can just get people to give it a try, they are completely amazed.

I have never been in a business where it was so easy to sell a product and where I felt so good about selling the product.

Why? Because like I said you are helping people. You are helping them to feel better, to get off medications, you are giving them something pure and natural that you can feel good about.

I am a mother of seven, so when a mom calls and tells me they did not have to put their child on ADHD medication, because the teacher called a gave an awesome report after taking CBD oil my heart is happy.

Or a friend who called to tell me the pain in there knees was gone for the first time in years.

Others had the best night of sleep ever and were able to function better because of a good nights sleep.

I get these calls all the time now and all I had to do was get them to try it and if it does nothing for them there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you have been contemplating starting your own CBD oil business with Hempworx MyDailyChoice I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

There is really nothing to lose.

You can start with the cost of a product and $20 to become an affiliate.

You do not even have to buy a bunch of products, just one!

If you are interested in learning more you can contact me personally or take the free Hempworx Tour if you have not done so already.

I hope to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog!

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