Thursday, October 4, 2018

How I got rid of my sons headache with CBD oil a natural remedy

So I did another article about how CBD oil had helped get rid of pain in my sons ankle. Today I want to share how it helps when you have a headache, because I had no idea it would get rid of a headache so fast.

Here is the low down of how I got CBD oil in the first place.

Trying CBD Oil

 I recently got an order of Hempworx CBD oil. I wanted to try it out before giving it to my kids.

So, me and my husband started taking to see how it would work for us.

I started out with 5 drops a day and so did my husband.

I learned later that it is actually better to start smaller, like 1-2 drops and then work your way up.

So to be totally honest I did not notice much and all.

I don't have any ailments to speak of, so their was really nothing for me to see if it helped.

Now my husband on the other hand, said he had the best night of sleep that he had in a while.

CBD Oil to treat pain

So my 13 year old son started taking it because he was having pain in his ankle.

The pain would be there one day and gone the next.

So, my son asked if he could try the CBD oil. So he started taking it, he took about 2 drops of the Hempworx 500 twice a day.

That is how we discovered it worked for headaches to.

One day he was having a headache, he get them occasionally and will take some Aleve or something for it. I don't like it, when he takes it, but none of my other natural remedies helped.

So anyway, he went to take is 2 drops of cbd oil.

After he took the Hempworx 500 he realized withing a couple of minutes the headache was gone. He later told me about it, and I was so excited to have found a natural remedy for headaches.

It is crazy what this stuff can do, everyday someone is calling or messaging me, thanking me for telling them about CBD oil.

Now there are many CBD oils out there and I am not going to tell you this is the only one that works, because I am sure there are other out there that work just as good.

But after researching, Hempworx is the company I chose to get my CBD oil from for my family.

If you would like to learn more about Hempworx and the purity of their products click here.

Learn more about CBD oil

If you have tried CBD oil I would love to hear your testimony of how it worked for you.

If you havn't tried it yet, but would like to I would highly recommend Hempworx. You can check out their products here.

How to take CBD oil for headaches. How Hempworx CBD oil cured my headache.

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