Monday, October 15, 2018

CBD and Mosquito Bites

Where I live there are mosquitoes everywhere. They are kind of unavoidable, especially if you go out at night.

They wait at the door for you to exit and the ATTACK!

While using mosquito spray may ward of the pesky critters off, who wants to get sprayed every time you walk out the door.

So, you run to your vehicle trying to get in before they get you, but there is always that sneaky one that makes its way in and buzzes around you while you are trying to drive.

Ugg!! And then it gets you. Ahhh! LOL

My Experience with CBD oil and Mosquito Bites

The other day one my kids was out playing and came in with several mosquito bite.

They were scratching like crazy. It was also big and red bump.

So then it hit me CBD oil. I had heard it helps relieve itching so why not see if it really worked?

I used a CBD oil cream that I had. I rubbed it on and within a few minutes my child said the itch was gone.

Not only that, you could hardly tell where the bug bite had been.

I always get excited when I find a new natural remedy to help my family.

I know now to keep it in stock on my medicine cabinet shelf.

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