Thursday, October 4, 2018

Cannabis for Dogs: Can give CBD oil to your dog?

Hemp derived CBD Oil for dogs: It's true there are CBD oils out there made specifically for your furry friends.

Who new that CBD oil would be great for you and your dog or cat.

I am the type of person who likes natural remedies over medications if possible, for me and for my pets.

Why would you give CBD oil to your pet?

There are so many benefits to taking hemp derived CBD oil for you and your pet. There are not many studies on pets taking CBD oil, but below I have listed how CBD helps humans and how it may help our furry friends.

Best CBD oil for pets: Get Hempworx CBD oil for dogs, cats and other pets.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

  • Anxiety- We all no our little (or big) critter can get quite anxious over just about anything (unless you have a big lazy dog like me) One big reason people take CBD oil is to calm anxiety, many people I know have had great success with calming their anxiety taking CBD oil.
  • Seizures- I have heard and seen many videos of how CBD oil has helped stop seizures. Why not try it to help a pet with seizures.
  • Fighting Cancer- It is hard to believe our furry friends could get cancer in the first place, but I have heard testimonies of how CBD oil actually helped shrink tumors. I know it's hard to believe, but I have seen the testimonies.
  • Relieves Pain- This is a biggy here. If our pets are in pain, we feel it too. I don't like to see anyone or anything in pain. This has best part of using CBD oil. I have seen so many friends be relieved of pain and able to get off pain meds taking the CBD oil. 

The list can go on and on with all the ailments CBD oil can help with, these are some of the main things that CBD oil can help with.

What CBD Oil should I give my Dog or Cat?

The next questions is which CBD oil to take.

There are so many options on the market.

I have chosen Hempworx for my family and my dog.

While I am not going to sit here and tell you this is the only one you should buy and why it is the best (because I am sure there are other great option out there too),

I will tell you after researching and using it for myself this CBD oil has proved itself to me.

Best part about this company is you can try it, and if you are not satisfied you have 30 days to return it.

You can't beat that!!

Click here if you would like to buy or learn more..

If you have question post below, and I will do my best to answer.

How much CBD oil to give my dog? How much Hempworx CBD oil for pets?


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