Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hepworx Relief Cream Uses, Testimonies & Reviews

There are many reasons to use the Hempworx Relief cream but there is 2 reasons I know from my experience what it has done. The first is my testimony, and the following one is about my son.

Hempwork Relief Cream for Neck Strain

So the day I got this product in, my neck had been strained from working out. I usually treat my neck with the hot, cold treatment and putting icy-hot type creams on for a couple days until it goes away. Well, that day my neck was getting progressively worse throughout the day. I came home to find my package of Hempworx had come, and I had gotten this relief cream. I honestly did not think it would be any different than using icy-hot or something like that. So I tried it out being kind of skeptical. I was so not expecting it to work that I did not really think about it until a little while later. I realized my neck was not hurting anymore. Y'all I have never had a strain heal so quickly. If you would like to know more about or get some for yourself go to

Hempowx Relief Cream for bug bites

Well, I have heard of CBD oil being good for bug bites, but sometimes you have to try it yourself to know it works. One day my son came in complaining of an itch from a bug bite. It was a fresh big red bite. (probably mosquito) Well I did not even think of trying the Hempworx Relief Cream until my son asked me about it. He asked if the CBD oil would help an itchy bug bite. Well, I did not really know so I told him to try it. And wouldn't you know a couple minutes after putting on the Hempworx Relief Cream the itch was gone and you could barely see the bite. I am know going to be sure to keep this on hand. 
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