Friday, October 4, 2019

Hempworx CBD Infused 450mg Gummies - New Hempworx offers Gummies!!

Exciting news!! For those of you who have been waiting for hempworx to come out with gummies, their here!!! This weekend Hempworx announced at their annual convention that they will be offering CBD oil infused fruit gummies that will be 450mg. They are now available on the website here. Each bottle includes assorted flavors which are Lemon, Orange & Grape.

More details:
  • 10mg each / 450mg total CBD
  • Lemon, orange, and grape flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial coloring

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Why I quit taking CBD Oil and what you should know before YOU start taki...

If you are considering taking CBD oil, be sure to check this out first!
Have you ever wondered what taking CBD oil was like? 🤔 I actually wanted to know what it was like not taking CBD oil, after taking it for a while...😜 Soooooo, I decided to quit taking CBD oil. Watch to see my experience below. 👇

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Today Only 4/20: 10% off Hempworx Discount Special Deal!!

If you have been wanting to try CBD oil or more specifially Hempworx products here is your chance for some extra savings! Today only Hempworx is offering a 10% off purchase discount. So if you are in to saving here is your chance!! Plus as always their is a 60 day open bottle money back guarantee. So if you are not happy with the products return it. No coupon needed, discount is taken off at checkout.

💚 TODAY 4/20 ONLY 💚
Save 10% on ANY product or package!!! The ENTIRE site is on sale! 😱
This is EXTREMELY rare! If you’ve been waiting (or you are running low) NOW IS THE TIME to shop the BEST CBD products on the market! 🌿
🌺Skincare topicals
🌺Pain relief rub
🌺Pet products
🌺Coffee and creamer
🌺Bath bombs....
Tag your friends, share, and spread the love! 💚
P.S. Before you order, message me so I can share a tip on how to get the BEST deal! I’m ALL about savings! 🙌🏼

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

NO Start up FEE CBD oil Home Business: Can I start a free CBD oil business?

So you are thinking about starting a cbd oil business. Did you know there is a company that lets you start your own CBD oil business totally free? It's true they also offer all the tools you could ever need to get started.

 FREE CBD Oil business!

This company also offers great products and not only that a wide variety of products!

At this company you will find:
- CBD oil gummies
- vaping oils
- CBD Tintures
- CBD for pets
- CBD pain creams
- CBD hair growing products
- CBD oil sprays
- CBD skin creams
- And more....

Not only is it totally free to start this company also offers a 60 day money back guarantee to your customers! 

And as if that is not enough they process all the orders, ship the products, deal with any returns and basically do everything for you! 

But wait there is a catch! YOU have to send the customers to your site. That's it!

Once customers make a purchase through your site you get commissions! 

It does not get any better than that!!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

CBD Oil Autism Testimonies

Here are some testimonies of how CBD oil has helped those with Autism. Please leave any questions or comments in the comment box below. 

💓Autism Testimonies💓
👉My son has been on Hempworx for almost a month now. He is 5 years old and has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. When he gets upset or overwhelmed he has meltdowns and he will hit or kick me. He didn't really start talking until last year but since being on the product he has had shorter meltdowns that he recovers from quickly and has been talking more. With the help of ABA therapy he is now at the point that he is taking in learning to self sooth. He is much more expressive and doesn't seem to mind the peppermint taste. The last time he hit me, he realized what he did and quickly said "sorry mommy" and kissed me. This is something he hasn't done before. We get compliments all the time that he is talking so much more and wanting to include family in his conversations and while he is playing. He has been able to try some new foods and has even been more flexible with his schedule. I know there will be more to come!
👉My son is 7 years old. He has High functioning Autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and ODD. (Among a few other diagnosis. These are just hardest to handle) He has been in therapy since age 2. He sees a psychiatrist regularly also. He also has a very aggressive IEP in school. And has tried countless medications. People look and treat him differently because he is different. And it hits him hard. Our very own family members treat him differently and get annoyed with him very fast. And that’s what hurts most. I’ve tried everything to make him feel like he fits in. I’ve tried countless ways to help him calm down and numerous ways to help him cope. I felt like I kept hitting dead ends. I put axle on CBD OIL about a month and a half ago. And I couldn’t be happier with the results! He doesn’t have as many meltdowns. It’s getting easier to calm him down. And he’s starting to calm down a little bit to think about his actions. He is sleeping better with less night mares. He’s engaging in play with kids his age more appropriately. I could go on and on. Thank you CBD
👉Ok so Day 5 now and O.M.G!! Where has this been my entire life?!?! I live with PTSD, Depression, Panic Disorder and high Anxiety and usually take my medicine I have been on for over 4 years as soon as my feet hit the floor (Xanax and Zoloft). No intention in coming off of them anytime soon and yet I just noticed I did NOT take a Xanax last night NOR this AM. I feel calmer taking the Oil as needed. I'm sleeping better than I ever have and have not been kept by my RLS. Pleased is an understatement!!! Here comes the best part IMO..
My Autistic nonverbal daughter is saying new words and not flapping near like she usually does. She was caught pretend playing yesterday and that's BIG. She hasn't felt the urge to hit herself as often as she use to is a big notice I have seen. She is listening better and had even ANSWERED me back with a "yea or No no no" for the very first time in her 4.5 years. She even pet my sister's dog for the very first time in her life...willingly!!! Yeah we still live the Autism Life and nothing will ever undo that but the days are getting easier for her and I and boy that helps!! Her surgery is tomorrow and I am praying all goes smoothly and Yes I even listed HempWorx in her records last night under Natural Medicines. Sure did! My baby is talking, communicating and playing with toys the right way. That speaks in volumes

Hempworx CBD oil has a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are interested in giving it a try you can email me or go directly to the site.

You can also find more testimonies and info on my facebook page here.

Autism questions? Does CBD oil help someone with Autism? Find CBD oil Autism Testimonies here!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

CBD Oil Giveaway! February 2019

Time for a new Giveaway! This week I will be giving away a Hempworx Sample Pack. There are 3 ways to enter:
1. 👉Fill out entry form:
2. 👉Like my page
3. 👉Share the post on my facebook page
Or you can do all to get multiple entries!
You can learn more about the cbd oil at:

Friday, February 1, 2019

Rheumatoid Arthritis CBD Oil Testimonies, Reviews & Results

“My boys and I have been taking the 750mg CBD oil for 2 weeks now and this stuff is amazing!
Myself - I have RA, fibromyalgia, and anxiety. Since I’ve been taking the oil my pain level has decreased at least 80%! My anxiety level is down, I haven’t needed any Xanax at all! And I’ve been sleeping better at night and now I can get up around 7-8 in the morning which before I wasn’t able to get up till 11-12 no matter how hard I tried!
Brayden my 2yr old has sleep apnea pretty bad and since he’s been taking it he’s been sleeping a lot better and not snoring! I had scheduled him for surgery to remove his tonsils but I don’t think I’ll need to now!
Tristan my 4 yr old. Is autistic and the only thing he’ll eat is peanut butter sandwiches and Ramon noodles, and tortillas. Not much. Since he’s been taking the oil he’s been trying new things on his own!! He’s eating apples now!!! And with Oreos he would never eat the cookie part just the cream in the middle and he was actually eating the whole cookie! And the crust of bread he’s eating!!!! It’s amazing!!! Love it!!
Joshua (13yr old) he has juvenile Huntington’s disease and Tourette’s plus very bad ADHD. Since he’s been taking the oil the Tourette’s is way better, he blurts out maybe once a day if even that compared to ever 10 min. Literally! And with his ADHD he’s calmed down a lot! He’s still hyper but he’s able to control it!!
Matthew (14 yr old) has juvenile Huntington’s disease, stomach issues and pain in his back pretty bad. Since his been taking the oil he hasn’t had any stomach problems and his pain level is lowered. And his choria isn’t as bad.”
Learn more about products and get a sample at

Can Hempworx CBD oil help Rheumatoid Arthritis?

CBD oil for Thyroid~ Testimonies, Reviews, Results

👉 So my test results for my thyroid are normal!!! I stopped taking my prescription medication when i started using Hempworx cbd oil, i was on a natural and prescription medication before. I felt so good on the cbd oil i cut my prescription medication and actually felt better off it, lots of side effects that i don't have anymore!!! This stuff works! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid, but now i feel great! I feel better that i did ten years ago!
I also eat a healthy diet.
👉This is the very happy face of a clean bill of health !! My last checkup 4 months ago with my endocrinologist showed that my thyroid was still slightly in storm and overactive. I started the hempworx oil 3 months ago and after some serious contemplation I took a leap of faith and I weaned off of my thyroid medication. I have been off all the medication for 2 1/2 months. Today I had my check up for results on all my blood work that i had drawn this Monday and my endocrinologist said all my levels are within normal range!!! No signs of thyroid disorder at all. Thats all the proof I need to know hempworx is working for me with everything!!!

CBD oil Testimonies about Thyroid. Can CBD oil help my Thyroid?

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Hempworx Revive Cream Testimony! Watch before you buy!

In this video I share with you my personal testimony of using the Hempworx Revive Cream. If you are interested in trying a cbd oil face cream then I would highly recommend the Hempworx Revive Cream. You can learn more on my site about Hempworx and the Hempworx products at

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Where to get CBD Oil in Alabama- CBD is now available in Alabama

Wanting to purchase pure full spectrum hemp derived CBD oil in the Alabama? Know you can! If you have tried to buy CBD oil in the past in Alabama you were unable because of laws. But recently that has changed. You are know able to buy CBD oil with a THC concentration of no more than 0.3%.

If you are looking for a trustworthy company to buy CBD oil in the Alabama, I would strongly recommend trying Hempworx. Hempworx is a company that offers pure full spectrum CBD oil as well as other Hemp derived products.

Hempworx oil is produced on Kentucky farms using Organic methods and is free of GMOs, synthetics, fillers, and other harmful ingredients.

Another great benefit of using Hempworx CBD oil is the 30 day money back guarantee. Hempworx is so confident in their oils that they give you a 30 day empty bottle refund policy. If you change your mind within 30 days of ordering, send it back and they will refund your purchase.

If you would be interested in learning more about Hempworx and their products click here.

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